Genetics DOI: 10.1534/genetics.111.136804

WB Paper ID : WBPaper00040544

Title : Notch Signaling Is Antagonized by SAO-1, a Novel GYF-Domain Protein That Interacts with the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase SEL-10 in Caenorhabditis elegans

Authors : Valerie A. Hale, Evan L. Guiney, Lindsey Y. Goldberg, Josephine H. Haduong, Callie S. Kwartler, Katherine W. Scangos, Caroline Goutte

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Entity class Entity name link link status Relevant content from URL # of linked occurrences
Anatomy anchor cell;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: Anchor cell ' 1
Anatomy anchor cells;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: Anchor cell ' 1
Anatomy anus;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: anus ' 1
Anatomy excretory cell;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: excretory cell ' 1
Anatomy germ cell;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: germ cell ' 6
Anatomy germline;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: germ line ' 23
Anatomy germlines;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: germ line ' 1
Anatomy HSN;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: HSN ' 2
Anatomy pharynx;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: pharynx ' 4
Anatomy rectum;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: rectum ' 1
Anatomy somatic cell;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: somatic cell ' 2
Clone C06B3;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: C06B3' 1
Clone F55B12;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: F55B12' 3
Clone F58E10;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: F58E10' 3
Clone R10D12;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: R10D12' 5
Gene/Protein APH-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for aph-1' 6
Gene/Protein aph-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for aph-1' 62
Gene/Protein aph-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for aph-2' 1
Gene/Protein APH-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for aph-2' 1
Gene/Protein bli-4;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for bli-4' 2
Gene/Protein DLC-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dlc-1' 1
Gene/Protein dpy-11;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dpy-11' 8
Gene/Protein FEM-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for fem-1' 1
Gene/Protein FEM-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for fem-2' 1
Gene/Protein FEM-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for fem-3' 1
Gene/Protein GLP-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for glp-1' 31
Gene/Protein glp-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for glp-1' 43
Gene/Protein LAG-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lag-1' 4
Gene/Protein lag-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lag-1' 14
Gene/Protein LAG-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lag-2' 1
Gene/Protein lin-11;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lin-11' 2
Gene/Protein lin-12;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lin-12' 12
Gene/Protein LIN-12;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lin-12' 17
Gene/Protein lin-23;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lin-23' 1
Gene/Protein LIN-23;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lin-23' 1
Gene/Protein lon-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lon-3' 1
Gene/Protein PEN-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for pen-2' 1
Gene/Protein R10D12.13;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for R10D12.13' 1
Gene/Protein R10D12.14;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for R10D12.14' 12
Gene/Protein R10D12.14a;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for R10D12.14' 2
Gene/Protein R10D12.2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dpr-1' 1
Gene/Protein R10D12.8;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for R10D12.8' 1
Gene/Protein REF-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for ref-1' 6
Gene/Protein rfl-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for rfl-1' 2
Gene/Protein RFL-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for rfl-1' 1
Gene/Protein sao-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sao-1' 124
Gene/Protein SAO-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sao-1' 103
Gene/Protein sel-10;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sel-10' 35
Gene/Protein SEL-10;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sel-10' 71
Gene/Protein sel-12;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sel-12' 4
Gene/Protein SMY-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for smy-2' 1
Gene/Protein sqt-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sqt-3' 3
Gene/Protein TBX-37;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for tbx-37' 1
Gene/Protein TBX-38;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for tbx-38' 1
Gene/Protein unc-29;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-29' 9
Gene/Protein unc-32;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-32' 1
Gene/Protein unc-76;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-76' 3
Person Callie S.;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Caroline;paper=WBPaper00040544live Title: 'Person Report: Caroline Goutte' 1
Person Evan L.;paper=WBPaper00040544live Title: 'Person Report: Evan Guiney' 1
Person Goldberg;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Goutte;paper=WBPaper00040544live Title: 'Person Report: Caroline Goutte' 1
Person Guiney;paper=WBPaper00040544live Title: 'Person Report: Evan Guiney' 1
Person Haduong;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Hale;paper=WBPaper00040544live Title: 'Person Report: Valerie A. Hale' 1
Person Josephine H.;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Katherine W.;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Kwartler;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Lindsey Y.;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Scangos;paper=WBPaper00040544silent '' 1
Person Valerie A.;paper=WBPaper00040544live Title: 'Person Report: Valerie A. Hale' 1
Phenotype Dpy;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000583'
Primary name: 'dumpy'
Phenotype Dpy;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Tree display'
Primary name: 'Tree display'
Phenotype Egl;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000640'
Primary name: 'egg laying variant'
Phenotype Pro;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0001033'
Primary name: 'proximal germ cell proliferation variant'
Phenotype Rol;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000645'
Primary name: 'roller'
Phenotype Tum;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0001038'
Primary name: 'tumorous germline'
Phenotype Unc;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000643'
Primary name: 'locomotion variant'
Rearrangement hT2;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for hT2' 4
Rearrangement itDf2;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for itDf2' 2
Rearrangement nDf42;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for nDf42' 1
Strain CB4856;class=Strainread timeout '' 2
Strain N2;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Variation ar131;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ar131'
Corresponding gene: 'sel-12'
Variation ar171;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ar171'
Corresponding gene: 'sel-12'
Variation ar202;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ar202'
Corresponding gene: 'glp-1'
Variation ar41;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ar41'
Corresponding gene: 'sel-10'
Variation bc243;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: bc243'
Corresponding gene: 'sel-10'
Variation bn18;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: bn18'
Corresponding gene: 'glp-1'
Variation e1072;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1072'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-29'
Variation e189;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e189'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-32'
Variation e2141;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e2141'
Corresponding gene: 'glp-1'
Variation e2142;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e2142'
Corresponding gene: 'glp-1'
Variation e2144;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e2144'
Corresponding gene: 'glp-1'
Variation e2175;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e2175'
Corresponding gene: 'lon-3'
Variation e224;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e224'
Corresponding gene: 'dpy-11'
Variation e911;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e911'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-76'
Variation e937;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e937'
Corresponding gene: 'bli-4'
Variation ep140;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ep140'
Corresponding gene: 'aph-1'
Variation h661;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: h661'
Corresponding gene: 'Variation report for: h661'
Variation ik1;class=Variationsilent '' 44
Variation n1077;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: n1077'
Corresponding gene: 'sel-10'
Variation n302;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: n302'
Corresponding gene: 'lin-12'
Variation n566;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: n566'
Corresponding gene: 'lin-11'
Variation n676n930;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: n676n930'
Corresponding gene: 'lin-12'
Variation ok3335;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ok3335'
Corresponding gene: 'R10D12.14'
Variation om13;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: om13'
Corresponding gene: 'lag-1'
Variation or28;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: or28'
Corresponding gene: 'aph-1'
Variation q35;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: q35'
Corresponding gene: 'glp-1'
Variation sc8;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: sc8'
Corresponding gene: 'sqt-3'
Variation ty11;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ty11'
Corresponding gene: 'sel-12'
Variation zu123;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: zu123'
Corresponding gene: 'aph-1'
Variation zu147;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: zu147'
Corresponding gene: 'aph-1'