Genetics DOI: 10.1534/genetics.111.133660

WB Paper ID : WBPaper00040222

Title : No Evidence of Elevated Germline Mutation Accumulation under Oxidative Stress in Caenorhabditis elegans

Authors : Joanna Joyner-Matos, Laura C. Bean, Heidi L. Richardson, Tammy Sammeli, Charles F. Baer

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Gene/Protein fem-3;class=Generead timeout '' 5
Gene/Protein mev-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for mev-1' 72
Person Baer;paper=WBPaper00040222live Title: 'Person Report: Charlie Baer' 1
Person Bean;paper=WBPaper00040222silent '' 1
Person Charles F.;paper=WBPaper00040222live Title: 'Person Report: Charlie Baer' 1
Person Heidi L.;paper=WBPaper00040222read timeout '' 1
Person Joanna;paper=WBPaper00040222read timeout '' 1
Person Joyner-Matos;paper=WBPaper00040222read timeout '' 1
Person Laura C.;paper=WBPaper00040222read timeout '' 1
Person Richardson;paper=WBPaper00040222read timeout '' 1
Person Sammeli;paper=WBPaper00040222read timeout '' 1
Person Tammy;paper=WBPaper00040222read timeout '' 1
Strain N2;class=Strainread timeout '' 57
Strain OP50;class=Strainread timeout '' 1
Variation kn-1;class=Variationread timeout '' 1
Variation kn1;class=Variationread timeout '' 7