Genetics DOI: 10.1534/genetics.111.133173

WB Paper ID : WBPaper00040598

Title : Tissue Architecture in the Caenorhabditis elegans Gonad Depends on Interactions Among Fibulin-1, Type IV Collagen and the ADAMTS Extracellular Protease

Authors : Yukihiko Kubota, Kayo Nagata, Asako Sugimoto, Kiyoji Nishiwaki

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Entity class Entity name link link status Relevant content from URL # of linked occurrences
Anatomy basement membrane;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: basal lamina ' 1
Anatomy body cavity;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: pseudocoelom ' 1
Anatomy body wall muscle;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: body wall muscle cell ' 1
Anatomy DTC;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: DTC ' 10
Anatomy ECM;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: basal lamina ' 10
Anatomy extracellular matrix;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: basal lamina ' 2
Anatomy gonad;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: gonad ' 6
Anatomy somatic gonad;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: somatic gonad ' 1
Clone K04H4;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: K04H4' 1
Clone pDP#MM016B;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: pDP#MM016B' 1
Gene/Protein bli-4;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for bli-4' 3
Gene/Protein emb-9;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for emb-9' 63
Gene/Protein EMB-9;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for emb-9' 51
Gene/Protein FBL-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for fbl-1' 19
Gene/Protein fbl-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for fbl-1' 75
Gene/Protein GON-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for gon-1' 22
Gene/Protein gon-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for gon-1' 40
Gene/Protein ina-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for ina-1' 1
Gene/Protein INA-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for ina-1' 3
Gene/Protein let-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for let-2' 3
Gene/Protein LET-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for let-2' 2
Gene/Protein MIG-17;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for mig-17' 3
Gene/Protein nid-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for nid-1' 1
Gene/Protein NID-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for nid-1' 14
Gene/Protein PAT-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for pat-2' 2
Gene/Protein pat-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for pat-3' 2
Gene/Protein PAT-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for pat-3' 29
Gene/Protein sur-5;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sur-5' 6
Gene/Protein sur5;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sur-5' 1
Gene/Protein unc-119;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-119' 6
Person Asako;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Asako Sugimoto' 1
Person Kayo;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Kayo Nagata' 1
Person Kiyoji;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Kiyoji Nishiwaki' 1
Person Kubota;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Yukihiko Kubota' 1
Person Nagata;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Kayo Nagata' 1
Person Nishiwaki;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Kiyoji Nishiwaki' 1
Person Sugimoto;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Asako Sugimoto' 1
Person Yukihiko;paper=WBPaper00040598live Title: 'Person Report: Yukihiko Kubota' 1
Rearrangement hT2;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for hT2' 3
Rearrangement nT1;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for nT1' 7
Transgene qIs48;class=Transgenelive Title: 'Transgene Summary:qIs48' 3
Transgene qIs51;class=Transgenelive Title: 'Transgene Summary:qIs51' 7
Transgene rhIs2;class=Transgenelive Title: 'Transgene Summary:rhIs2' 1
Variation b246;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: b246'
Corresponding gene: 'let-2'
Variation cg46;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: cg46'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-9'
Variation e1254;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1254'
Corresponding gene: 'gon-1'
Variation e2498;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e2498'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-119'
Variation e937;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e937'
Corresponding gene: 'bli-4'
Variation g23;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: g23'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-9'
Variation g34;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: g34'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-9'
Variation q518;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: q518'
Corresponding gene: 'gon-1'
Variation q750;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: q750'
Corresponding gene: 'fbl-1'
Variation q782;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: q782'
Corresponding gene: 'Variation report for: q782'
Variation tk45;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: tk45'
Corresponding gene: 'fbl-1'
Variation tk75;class=Variationsilent '' 58
Variation tk76;class=Variationsilent '' 3