Genetics DOI: 10.1534/genetics.111.131714

WB Paper ID : WBPaper00039858

Title : emb-1 Encodes the APC16 Subunit of the Caenorhabditis elegans Anaphase-Promoting Complex

Authors : Diane C. Shakes,, Anna K. Allen,, Kelsey M. Albert,, Andy Golden

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Entity class Entity name link link status Relevant content from URL # of linked occurrences
Anatomy distal tip cell;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: DTC ' 1
Anatomy embryonic cells;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: embryonic cell ' 1
Anatomy germ cells;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: germ cell ' 5
Anatomy gut;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: intestine ' 1
Anatomy somatic cell;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: somatic cell ' 1
Anatomy somatic gonad;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: somatic gonad ' 1
Anatomy spermatocyte;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: spermatocyte ' 1
Anatomy vulva;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: vulva ' 2
Clone yk1426h04;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: yk1426h04' 2
Gene/Protein apc-11;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for apc-11' 3
Gene/Protein bli-4;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for bli-4' 3
Gene/Protein cid-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for cid-1' 16
Gene/Protein dpy-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Multiple Choices' 3
Gene/Protein dpy-10;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dpy-10' 6
Gene/Protein dpy-17;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dpy-17' 25
Gene/Protein dpy-5;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dpy-5' 3
Gene/Protein EMB-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Multiple Choices' 11
Gene/Protein emb-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Multiple Choices' 117
Gene/Protein emb-27;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for emb-27' 5
Gene/Protein emb-30;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for emb-30' 2
Gene/Protein fzy-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for fzy-1' 9
Gene/Protein GFI-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for gfi-3' 1
Gene/Protein him-5;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for him-5' 1
Gene/Protein him-8;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for him-8' 12
Gene/Protein K10D2.3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for cid-1' 1
Gene/Protein K10D2.4;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for emb-1' 19
Gene/Protein K10D2.5;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for K10D2.5' 5
Gene/Protein lon-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for lon-1' 37
Gene/Protein mat-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for mat-1' 7
Gene/Protein mat-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for mat-2' 8
Gene/Protein mat-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for mat-3' 7
Gene/Protein mdf-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for mdf-1' 4
Gene/Protein mdf-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for mdf-2' 2
Gene/Protein mdf-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for san-1' 1
Gene/Protein myo-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for myo-2' 1
Gene/Protein pes-10;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for pes-10' 1
Gene/Protein pie-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for pie-1' 1
Gene/Protein rol-6;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for rol-6' 3
Gene/Protein san-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for san-1' 1
Gene/Protein SUCH-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for such-1' 1
Gene/Protein tbb-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for tbb-2' 1
Gene/Protein ubq-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for ubq-1' 1
Gene/Protein ubq-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for ubq-2' 1
Gene/Protein unc-119;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-119' 7
Gene/Protein unc-13;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-13' 4
Gene/Protein unc-17;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-17' 4
Gene/Protein unc-32;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-32' 13
Gene/Protein unc-4;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-4' 7
Gene/Protein unc-42;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-42' 4
Gene/Protein unc-93;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-93' 1
Person Albert,,;paper=WBPaper00039858silent '' 1
Person Allen,,;paper=WBPaper00039858live Title: 'Person Report: Anna K Allen' 1
Person Andy;paper=WBPaper00039858live Title: 'Person Report: Andy Golden' 1
Person Anna K.,;paper=WBPaper00039858read timeout '' 1
Person Diane C.,;paper=WBPaper00039858live Title: 'Person Report: Diane Shakes' 1
Person Golden;paper=WBPaper00039858live Title: 'Person Report: Andy Golden' 1
Person Kelsey M.,;paper=WBPaper00039858silent '' 1
Person Shakes,,;paper=WBPaper00039858live Title: 'Person Report: Diane Shakes' 1
Phenotype Dpy;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000583'
Primary name: 'dumpy'
Phenotype Emb;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000050'
Primary name: 'embryonic lethal'
Phenotype Lon;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000022'
Primary name: 'long'
Phenotype Pvl;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000697'
Primary name: 'protruding vulva'
Phenotype Ste;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000688'
Primary name: 'sterile'
Phenotype Unc;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000643'
Primary name: 'locomotion variant'
Rearrangement hT2;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for hT2' 7
Rearrangement sDf121;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for sDf121' 6
Rearrangement sDp3;class=Rearrangementlive Title: 'Rearrangement Report for sDp3' 5
Strain AG165;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain AG166;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain AG168;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain BC4697;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain CB120;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain CB270;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain CB450;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain CB933;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain DG627;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain DS77;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain MJ57;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain MJ62;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain MT2330;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain N2;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 3
Strain VC2189;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Strain VC2216;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Transgene ccEx9747;class=Transgenelive Title: 'Transgene Summary:ccEx9747' 1
Transgene ojIs1;class=Transgenelive Title: 'Transgene Summary:ojIs1' 1
Transgene qIs48;class=Transgenelive Title: 'Transgene Summary:qIs48' 3
Variation av15gf;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: av15'
Corresponding gene: 'fzy-1'
Variation av16;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: av16'
Corresponding gene: 'mdf-2'
Variation av19;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: av19'
Corresponding gene: 'mdf-1'
Variation av31;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: av31'
Corresponding gene: 'san-1'
Variation ax102ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ax102'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-2'
Variation ax144ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ax144'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-1'
Variation ax161ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ax161'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-1'
Variation ax212;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ax212'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-1'
Variation ax212ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ax212'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-1'
Variation ax227ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ax227'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-1'
Variation ax81ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ax81'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-27'
Variation e1;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1'
Corresponding gene: 'dpy-1'
Variation e120;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e120'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-4'
Variation e128;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e128'
Corresponding gene: 'dpy-10'
Variation e1489;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1489'
Corresponding gene: 'him-8'
Variation e1490;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1490'
Corresponding gene: 'him-5'
Variation e1500;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1500'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-93'
Variation e164;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e164'
Corresponding gene: 'dpy-17'
Variation e1820;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1820'
Corresponding gene: 'lon-1'
Variation e185;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e185'
Corresponding gene: 'lon-1'
Variation e187;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e187'
Corresponding gene: 'rol-6'
Variation e189;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e189'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-32'
Variation e245;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e245'
Corresponding gene: 'cha-1'
Variation e270;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e270'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-42'
Variation e450;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e450'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-13'
Variation e61;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e61'
Corresponding gene: 'dpy-5'
Variation e937;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e937'
Corresponding gene: 'bli-4'
Variation ed3;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ed3'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-119'
Variation gk37;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: gk37'
Corresponding gene: 'apc-11'
Variation h1983;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: h1983'
Corresponding gene: 'fzy-1'
Variation hc57ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: hc57'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-1'
Variation hc58ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: hc58'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-2'
Variation hc62;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: hc62'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-1'
Variation hc62ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: hc62'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-1'
Variation ok2757;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ok2757'
Corresponding gene: 'cid-1'
Variation ok2759;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ok2759'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-1'
Variation or170ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: or170'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-2'
Variation or180;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: or180'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-3'
Variation or180ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: or180'
Corresponding gene: 'mat-3'
Variation q782;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: q782'
Corresponding gene: 'Variation report for: q782'
Variation s2098;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: s2098'
Corresponding gene: 'Variation report for: s2098'
Variation tm1021;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: tm1021'
Corresponding gene: 'cid-1'
Variation tm936;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: tm936'
Corresponding gene: 'cid-1'
Variation tn377ts;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: tn377'
Corresponding gene: 'emb-30'