Genetics DOI: 10.1534/genetics.111.130450

WB Paper ID : WBPaper00038523

Title : Identification of Mutations that Delay Somatic or Reproductive Aging of Caenorhabditis elegans

Authors : Stacie E. Hughes, Cheng Huang, Kerry Kornfeld

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Entity class Entity name link link status Relevant content from URL # of linked occurrences
Anatomy germ cell;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: germ cell ' 2
Anatomy hermaphrodite gonad;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: hermaphrodite gonad ' 2
Anatomy pharynx;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: pharynx ' 1
Anatomy reproductive system;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: reproductive system ' 7
Anatomy somatic gonad;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: somatic gonad ' 1
Anatomy spermatheca;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: spermatheca ' 4
Anatomy vulva;class=Anatomy_namelive Title: 'Summary for Anatomy Ontology Term: vulva ' 4
Clone C09D4;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: C09D4' 1
Clone C36B1;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: C36B1' 1
Clone F32B4;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: F32B4' 7
Clone T22A3;class=Clonelive Title: 'Clone Report for: T22A3' 1
Gene/Protein age-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for age-1' 36
Gene/Protein AGE-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for age-1' 3
Gene/Protein bli-4;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for bli-4' 1
Gene/Protein che-3;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for che-3' 1
Gene/Protein clk-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for clk-1' 2
Gene/Protein DAF-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for daf-2' 2
Gene/Protein daf-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for daf-2' 9
Gene/Protein dpy-24;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dpy-24' 2
Gene/Protein dpy-5;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for dpy-5' 6
Gene/Protein eat-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for eat-2' 3
Gene/Protein egl-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for egl-1' 1
Gene/Protein IGF-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for ins-18' 17
Gene/Protein isp-1;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for isp-1' 1
Gene/Protein sir-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sir-2' 1
Gene/Protein sma-2;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for sma-2' 1
Gene/Protein unc-101;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-101' 8
Gene/Protein unc-29;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-29' 1
Gene/Protein unc-37;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-37' 1
Gene/Protein unc-75;class=Genelive Title: 'Gene Summary for unc-75' 2
Person Cheng;paper=WBPaper00038523live Title: 'Person Report' 1
Person Huang;paper=WBPaper00038523live Title: 'Person Report' 1
Person Hughes;paper=WBPaper00038523live Title: 'Person Report: Stacie Foglesong Hughes' 1
Person Kerry;paper=WBPaper00038523live Title: 'Person Report: Kerry Kornfeld' 1
Person Kornfeld;paper=WBPaper00038523live Title: 'Person Report: Kerry Kornfeld' 1
Person Stacie E.;paper=WBPaper00038523live Title: 'Person Report: Stacie Foglesong Hughes' 1
Phenotype Daf-c;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000012'
Primary name: 'dauer constitutive'
Phenotype Dpy;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000583'
Primary name: 'dumpy'
Phenotype scrawny;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000314'
Primary name: 'scrawny'
Phenotype Unc;class=Phenotypelive Title: 'Phenotype Search: WBPhenotype:0000643'
Primary name: 'locomotion variant'
Strain CB4856;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 6
Strain N2;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 3
Strain OP50;class=Strainlive Title: 'Strain report for ' 1
Variation ad465;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: ad465'
Corresponding gene: 'eat-2'
Variation e1370;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e1370'
Corresponding gene: 'daf-2'
Variation e193;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e193'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-29'
Variation e262;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e262'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-37'
Variation e61;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e61'
Corresponding gene: 'dpy-5'
Variation e937;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e937'
Corresponding gene: 'bli-4'
Variation e950;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: e950'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-75'
Variation hx546;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: hx546'
Corresponding gene: 'age-1'
Variation m1;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: m1'
Corresponding gene: 'unc-101'
Variation s71;class=Variationlive Title: 'Variation report for: s71'
Corresponding gene: 'dpy-24'